How do I gain access to the full RoomService portal?

Fill out the registration form to create an account.

I submitted my registration, what happens next?

Once you submit, an IHG Account Manager will review your application within 3 business days. You will receive an email notification once your account has been activated.

Where can I find IHG RoomService Terms and Conditions?

You can view our T’s and C’s here.

How can I get additional information on RoomService and IHG’s API’s?

There are several ways to learn more about RoomService and IHG’s API’s. You can visit the More Info section of the portal, join the conversation in our Forums or submit your inquiry via the Contact Us page.

How can I work with a specific hotel(s) property?

A distinct benefit of joining RoomService is the ability to access information about all our hotel properties around the world in one location. That means one point of contact and one set of products and creative to manage. We highly recommend joining RoomService to work with all of our properties. If you are looking to partner with individual hotels, then please do not hesitate to contact the hotel directly.

How will my organization get paid?

You will get paid based on the contract terms of the partnerships agreed upon between your organization and IHG. The contract terms will vary based on the various media offerings your company offers. Your organization will be responsible for invoicing IHG once the media inventory has been delivered and then we will pay you either by EFT or check.

I am hosting IHG rates and hotel info, who processes bookings and handles customer service?

We handle the booking process and IHG customer service for the customers that you refer through API response links.

How do I create API keys?

Log in to your account and visit the My API’s tab. From here, click into the Keys tab and follow the steps to create an Application or Staging and Production Key.

How can I test my newly created Staging API Keys?

Once you receive your key, you can navigate over to our Sample APIs section and perform a live call with a few simple clicks of your mouse. You'll be able to visibly see the API request being performed and its structure, as well as what to expect in terms of a payload response. Additionally, you may use any API-related RESTful client to perform a sample call, or a simple cURL statement within your terminal will do as well.

How do I get my newly created Production API Keys enabled?

Staging keys are live within Q/A for you to test implementations right away. Production keys are disabled until enabled by an IHG account manager. To have your production key enabled, submit a sample call and response for each key to be activated to Type "API Key Approval Request" in the subject line. Samples will be reviewed within 3 business days. Once your production key is enabled, you can go live!

I am looking for specific API parameters not shown within the gallery or documentation, who can I contact?

You can post to the Forums or submit an inquiry through the Contact Us page.

I am having technical difficulty with the portal and/or implementation of an API, how can I get support?

You can post to the Forums or submit an inquiry through the Contact Us page.

Where do I get creative assets?

Once you establish a partnership with IHG, you will be able to access creative through the channel best suited for company type and methods of leveraging our APIs (via an affiliate network, ad network or sent to you directly from your IHG account manager).

How are the clicks, bookings and revenue delivered through my account tracked by IHG?

The information you provide when you register for a RoomService account and set up your API keys provides us with the unique tracking parameters needed to identify all transactions initiated by you. These unique tracking parameters are embedded within the response for each API call, so you don’t have to append them! If you are every concerned about inconsistent tracking, please Contact Us immediately.

How can I work with IHG to detemermine the best tools and products to develop?

Inspiration can strike anywhere. We encourage you to participate in our forums to hear our needs, latest trends and ideas around how to move our business forward. In addition, you can share thoughts and ideas with other like minded individuals. If you have a specific product you would like to discuss further, please Contact Us.

What reporting is available for my account within this portal?

When logged into the RoomService Portal, under the My Account section, you will be able to view your call volume over several time periods, your rate limits and how much volume is remaining for your Keys. Additionally, you will have visibility to your top method calls and error response codes. Each of these components will be available as a CSV download as well.

How can I partner with IHG directly?

"We are always eager to learn about new opportunities and develop new relationships. As a large international company we have many departments that may be an ideal fit with your company or organization. To best determine the team to contact, we ask you submit an inquiry to with NEW VENDOR REQUEST in the subject line. We will be sure to immediately forward your request to the appropriate department."

How can I execute cross-promotional campaigns with IHG?

As an international company representing nine distinct brands, our marketing efforts are closely managed internally. We strive to ensure our guests are receiving consistent messages through all touch points and across all marketing channels and partnerships. If you have an interest in partnering with IHG to cross-promote products or services, please submit an inquiry to with CROSS-PROMO REQUEST in the subject line. We will be sure to immediately forward your request to the appropriate department.

Can I see how many calls my API makes over time?

Yes, with your roomservice account you can log in and see the API activity (not performance) in the dashboard.

Can several parameters be pulled in one API call?

No, we have several different APIs that pull different parameters for you to include in your banner, but we cannot combine them at this time. Please talk to your IHG account manager about which one is the best for your technology and campaign needs.

Is personal data secure?

InterContinental Hotels Group websites are all TRUSTe™ certified to ensure privacy on the booking and reservation processes.

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