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We welcome the opportunity to work with all partner types: publishers, affiliates and individual sites.

For those already working with us directly, through a network, or ad serving platform, sign up now to gain access to the portal and our real time data.


RoomService is a portal giving IHG partners access to real time data for all our hotels worldwide.

Use this data to populate hotel details, rates, availability, and more within site listings and dynamic creative.

Real-time and relevant information leads to better customer targeting, increased clicks and conversions.


Access our data anytime and from anywhere. The time to implement is up to you.

Easily access your RoomService account online to create staging and production API Keys. Get activated in less than a week!

24/7 transaction reporting and support through forums.


By creating your own unique account within RoomService, IHG account managers can easily tailor API content to meet the needs of your site and application.

Having a portal developed for partners also reduces the uptime to implement our API's and the requirements for new partners to gain access to our hotel data.

Browse our API's here.


Why not? The digital landscape changes quickly and as an innovative hotel company we strive to stay ahead of the game by creating new and easy ways for us to work with partners like you.

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